Bonus Episode 1 - How to Start Home Education, with Special Guest, Barbara Smith

Episode Release Date: 1st June 2020

In this episode, Amy talks to Barbara about home education & how to go about applying.

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Show Notes:

Barbara (and her deceased husband, Craig) have been home educating their eight children in New Zealand (and Tasmania the last five years) since the first was born in 1980.


Barbara helped with Craig to establish local support groups, published materials, spoke at conferences and ran several National Christian home education conferences before going to work full time for the Home Education Foundation in 1998.


The Home Education Foundation is a charitable trust established to encourage parents to take up the option of educating their children at home and to support them in their task.


The Home Education Foundation motto is: serving, promoting and strengthening the home educating community in New Zealand.


Barbara, mother of eight, grandmother of 22, is still home educating their youngest who is 14. Barbara still has two children in New Zealand and two grandchildren so far.  This keeps Barbara interested in keeping the hard won home education freedoms New Zealand enjoys today.


In this episode we cover: 

  • What support is available,

  • Socialisation,

  • Education,

  • Motivating the children,

  • How to get started

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