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Welcome to Mum's Exercise Time, where we redefine 'Me Time' for empowered mums like you!
Amy is here to guide you through a fun workout designed exclusively for mums, to help you build strength, burn fat and build community with other local mums.
Kids ARE Welcome! So bring them along – they join in or you can bring along something to keep them occupied, it's all about creating a positive and inclusive space. Increase your strength, energy, and confidence while having a blast.

Join us on this empowering journey – get some me time. Book today.

This Class is Perfect For:

This class is designed for mums who want a fitness experience that not only supports their post-pregnancy body but also empowers them to lift, move, play, and feel their absolute best.

What Happens in Class?

In each class, we tackle the demands of motherhood head-on.
We start by loosening up stiff areas, ensuring flexibility. Throughout the class, we focus on reconnecting with your core and pelvic floor muscles for strength,
We practice everyday movement patterns so you can lift baby/toddler & live life with ease and engage in high-intensity aerobic exercises for an endorphin and fat burning boost.

Our stretches target worked muscles, with expert guidance for at-home relief. As you wrap up, we provide relaxation techniques for effective recovery and moments of calm. It's a holistic approach, ensuring you leave each session feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the challenges of motherhood.
Get the benefits you need in a short amount of time, prioritizing your well-being without sacrificing your busy schedule.

Class Schedule:

Term 3
22nd July - 27th September
Pokeno Tennis Club

What do I Need to Bring?

What do I need to bring?
* A non slip yoga mat (optional. the carpet and AstroTurf are a little rough)
* Toys/Snacks for your child to share.
* Wear comfortable clothing that you can move / feed in.
* Shoes Optional - I prefer to work barefoot but everyone is different. We will be outdoors on fine days.

What is available in class?

In class exercise equipment is available to use during the session. Please book your attendance so that I can provide enough.

A safe environment for your kiddies to play in.

Do I have to join the in person class?

It is recommended that you join in person. If you feel that the time isn't currently suitable for you, I suggest you have a look at our online membership which will give you access to a library of on demand workouts, including this one, which you can choose to do in your own time.

I've just had a baby. When can I join?

If you had an uncomplicated delivery, you're getting into a routine with sleep and recovery and you've had your clearance from the doctor. You can join from 6 weeks postnatal.

If you had any complications or a c-section delivery, please wait 12 weeks.

Conditions of Booking

Please make sure you have received clearance from your LMC before starting any training. While this is a pelvic floor safe class, please note that it is not a one size fits all. Please let us know when booking, anything strains, niggles, pelvic floor weakness, birth type (C-section, vaginal, stitches etc), previous surgeries, other injuries (knee issues etc). This way, I can tailor the class accordingly.

I accept post partum parents from 6 weeks for vaginal delivery to 12 weeks c-section (minimum time)
Please don't rush your recovery. There's always next term.

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