Episode 1 - Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy with Special Guest, Dr Carita de Jong

Episode Release Date: 6th January 2020


Learn about the process of a chiropractic appointment to help mums to be, manage discomfort and prepare for the birth.

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Show Notes:

After experiencing health benefits of being under chiropractic care, Dr Carita was so inspired that she wanted to become a chiropractor herself in order to deliver this to her community.


She delivers gentle and specific chiropractic care for the whole family, but has a special interest in perinatal women's health and upper cervical chiropractic care for the top two bones of the spine.


In this episode we cover: 

  • What a chiropractor does.

  • Why a pregnant woman could need chiropractic care.

  • What an appointment could look like.

  • When should you book your first appointment?

  • Getting ready for birth

Get in touch with Carita at one of the following links:







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