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Episode 12 - About Abdominal Massage

With Special Guest, Keren Donaldson

Episode Release Date: 8th June 2020

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Show Notes:

Keren became a massage therapist after experiencing challenges with her own wellbeing over the years, and realising that she had a passion to help others gain greater wellbeing.  She wanted to share the knowledge she had accumulated over years of gut issues, back pain, and a brush with prolapse.


Her business has two wings.  The first, is Heather's Gentling Way & the second is ConTact CARE.

Keren's focus is the pelvis, women's health and gut health.  Removing injury trauma from the skeletal system, thus improving the alignment and function of the entire body. In both ConTact CARE and Abdominal/Sacral massage the end result is that flow is restored.

In this episode we cover: 

​How previous injury and trauma can affect the flow of the body systems, including pelvic health & menstrual health.

What is the "Gentling Way"?

What is ConTact Care?

Unlocking tension in the muscles AND the bones.

C-Section Scar Tissue Release

Demonstration of self diaphragm massage at 13 minutes

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