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Episode 13 - No More Pre-Baby Body Pressure,

with Special Guest, Jen Dugard

Episode Release Date: 22nd June 2020

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Show Notes:

Jen Dugard is the founder of the Body Beyond Baby brand, creator of Fitness Professional education programme called Safe Return to Exercise, and author of the book How to Love your Body as Much as Your Baby.

Jen has over 14years of experience within the Fitness Industry, in a range of roles from Personal Trainer, Outdoor Group Fitness business owner, mentor, educator and presenter.

Her personal mission is to raise the standard of the fitness industry through education and collaboration and has been executing this for many years within the pre and postnatal space.

Positioning herself as a specialist both in working with women and training the trainers that work with women, she is a huge advocate of strengthening relationships between the fitness industry, allied health and medical industry. Jen shares her knowledge and experience by regularly presenting at key industry conferences including FILEX, Australia, ExPro in Singapore and later FITEx in New Zealand. She writes regularly for What’s New in Fitness and Women’s Health Australia.

In this episode we cover: 

Postnatal body image

Shifting language from "getting your body back"

Tips for exercising postnatally

Why the 6 week check up is not enough.

Understanding your birth story.

Pelvic floor exercises.

Women's health physiotherapy

What to look for in a personal trainer for fitness facility

Core exercises & Diastasis Recti

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