Episode 2 - Finding Balance as a New Mum with Special Guest, Sarah Noble

Episode Release Date: 20th January 2020


In this episode, Amy talks to Sarah Noble of Mindfully You about ways to find balance in your life as a new mum. 

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Show Notes:

Sarah Noble is a Mindset and Mindfulness Speaker, Writer & Mentor, & accredited Mindfulness Teacher.


She specialises in helping first-time Mums optimise their mental health, so that they can navigate Motherhood with confidence and clarity.


She offers 1-1 Mentoring, Mums and Bubs workshops, speaks at and host events, and much, much more!


She is a Mum to Dylan, who is 10 months old, and extremely passionate about normalising the conversation around mental health.



In this episode we cover: 

  • Mental and emotional support for new mums

  • Expectations placed on mums

  • Social Media

  • Communication pathways

  • Different coping methods for different women

  • Dealing with mum guilt

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