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Episode 22 - My IVF Story - Part Two

How I'm Lowering My Toxin Levels

Episode Release Date: 28th September 2020

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Show Notes:

Amy Jayne Smith is a Holistic Core Restore® coach, nutrition coach, owner of Connect and the host of this podcast.

She spends her days helping women with their own health concerns.  Today however, she is going to share her own health story, which is her struggle with infertility and IVF.  Her hope is that if her story helps one person feel less alone, then she has succeeded.


This episode, she shares the lead up to her 2nd round of IVF and the recommendations that the doctor has given.  

Note: I misspoke - We need to avoid Xeno Oestrogens.  I said Phyto before which are plant oestrogens.


In this episode we cover: 

My debrief for round one and briefing for round two.

What my AMH levels are like.

Endometriosis Excision & Ovaries / Fertility

Recommendations from the Dr


My detoxing regime (doTERRA products mentioned)

What detoxing does (to help your liver)

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About Genetic Carrier Screening

TiMI Info

Buy Modibodi Period Underwear

Buy doTERRA essential products here 

About co enzyme Q10


Read - "It Starts With The Egg"


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