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Episode 23 - 5 Tips for Returning to Exercise After Pregnancy

Episode Release Date: 12th October 2020

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Show Notes:

Amy Jayne Smith is a Holistic Core Restore® coach, nutrition coach, owner of Connect and the host of this podcast.

She often helps women exercise during pregnancy and likes to focus on building a plan for safe and healthy movement into the 4th trimester when things are still healing and a little sore.  For those women who didn't work with Amy during their pregnancy, she addresses where the woman is now and builds a bespoke plan to help her where she is at.


In this episode we cover: 

Tip 1: Wait until your 6 week check up

Tip 2: See a women's health physiotherapist (click here to go to our NZ directory)

Tip 3: Talk Talk Talk to your trainer!

Tip 4: Be paitient

Tip 5: Get in touch with us. (link below)


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