Episode 27 - Avoid Overeating At Christmas

Episode Release Date: 21st December 2020

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Show Notes:

Amy is a Holistic Core Restore® Coach, Nutrition Coach, and the owner of Connect, Health, Fitness & Wellness.  
In todays episode, and in the lead up to Christmas, she wanted to share some tips to help you avoid the excess kilos and stretchy pants over this holiday period.

I want to note here that at no point do I advocate restriction or calorie controlling.  My goal with this podcast is to give you some simple tips to help with mindless eating, overeating and to mitigate guilt.  There are no "bad" or "good" foods.  Some are more nutrient dense than others and as long as most of your diet consists of nutrient dense foods, and you listen to your hunger and fullness cues, you're winning.

If you would like help with nutrition coaching, please visit www.connecthealth.fitness/nutrition


In this episode we cover: 

Tips to avoid over snacking such as:

  • Keeping the lid on the chocolate tin (or cookie time cookies)

  • Keep the snacks out of sight.  Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy it.  Savour every bite.

  • Have water nearby.  If you feel you are going to reach for another chocolate, have a sip of water instead.  

  • Have fruit available to snack on.  By having a variety of healthy, ready to grab options, you may be less likely to grab a chocolate.

  • Make yourself a little platter of your favourites and eat only them.

  • Ask yourself, why you're eating it.  Is it because it's there?  Or is it a conscious decision.  

Tips to avoid overeating at the dinner table include:

  • Have smaller portions on the plate.  If you finish it, go back for more.

  • Don't feel obligated to finish everything on your plate either.  If you're full, or have had enough, you can stop eating.

  • Take mostly vegetables, followed by protein, followed by starches.

  • Have a large jug of water on the table and always have a glass of water beside you.  This will help you to pause during eating and also help avoid too many excess alcohol calories.

  • Finish what is in your mouth before loading up your fork.  This helps to slow down your eating so you don't end up too full and bloated from eating too quickly.

  • Ask yourself, if you still have room after you have eaten dinner, would you like to have dessert, or or would you like seconds?  

Other tips:

Monitor liquid calories in fizzy drinks and alcohol.  Alternate with water.

Go outside for a walk or an active game.

Play a game inside with the family and keep the snacks out of sight.


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