Episode 29 - Anitha's Breast Cancer Story

Episode Release Date: 25th January 2021

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Show Notes:

Dr. Anitha is an ICF approved Certified Life Coach, a Bestselling author and a Heal Your Life® teacher.

She was first exposed to the mind-body connection during her career as an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Surgeon when her curiosity was piqued by how the mind works and the effect it has on the body.

She now works predominantly with people affected by Cancer and helps them get back a good night's sleep, something that she knows gets terribly affected having survived cancer herself.



In this episode we cover:

  • Anitha's diagnosis and recovery process.

  • How it affected her work.

  • Dealing with fatigue.

  • How the support differed from having cancer to being in remission.

  • A new normal.

  • Hormonal therapy & menopause.

  • Setting boundaries

  • How her business shifted to help more cancer survivors. 

  • Self care

  • The benefits of working with a coach who has also experienced cancer.

  • How to manage female identity in the face of losing hair or breasts.

  • The mourning period.


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