Episode 4 - Why Emotions Matter.

With Special Guest, Kim Knight

Episode Release Date: 17th February 2020


In this episode, Amy talks to Kim Knight, about why emotions matter, & how they can affect our physical being.

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Show Notes:

Known as the ‘Emotional Alchemist’, Kim Knight teaches emotional mastery to reach an internal state of emotional freedom (transcendence of negative emotions).


As a multi-award winning health coach (The Emotional Health Detective) she identifies the hidden stress-trauma-emotion root causes of physical illness and guides clients back to health from a multitude of chronic pain and fatigue conditions.


She works remotely worldwide through elite health coaching and group online programs.


In this episode we cover: 

  • Trauma & Hidden Trauma

  • Child Formative Years

  • Breaking Cycles

  • Negative Emotions

  • Ways That People Tend to Manage Emotions

  • Self Destructive Behaviours

  • Self Care & Guilt

Get in touch with Kim at one of the following links:

7 Levels  of Emotional Alchemy


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