Episode 6 - Preparing for Parenthood

With Special Guest, Trish Martin

Episode Release Date: 16th March 2020


In this episode, Amy talks to Trish Martin about how to manage those first few weeks as a new parent.

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Show Notes:

Trish is a mum of 3 children 22, 20 and 13 and has built her career based on her experiences as a parent, as well as her 20 years in the nursing industry.

She has a nursing background in obstetrics/maternity as well as being a Plunket Nurse, personal fitness trainer and relaxation massage therapist.


She has a big interest in helping mums, especially new mums, find a balance between being mum of a newborn plus looking after herself.  She helps mums through educations, to help them navigate the conflicting and often contradictory information that surrounds the postnatal period.


In this episode we cover: 

  • Baby Blues

  • Signs & Symptoms of Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

  • How to Ask for Help

  • The Pressure to Breastfeed

  • How to Trust Your Instinct 

  • Busting Common Myths

Get in touch with Trish at one of the following links:

Website (where you can book a 15 min call)









You can find out more about depression and get support from:


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