Episode 8 - Solving The Overeating Puzzle

With Special Guest, Eugenia Nikiforow

Episode Release Date: 13th April 2020


In this episode, Amy talks to Eugenia Nikiforow about overeating and how we can be aware of our own triggers.

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Show Notes:

Eugenia is the founder of MindFoodNess – An Eating Psychology Clinic and Body Love Yoga Studio.


She is an Eating Psychology Coach with a BSc in business psychology, mindfulness and a holistic nutrition coach, motivational speaker and a yoga instructor.


She helps people to get their control back around food. Whether they are are struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, finding it hard to lose weight, or feel overwhelmed by an eating disorder.


Eugenia identifies the underlying cause and applies tools to rewire the brain for permanent change.


Mindfoodness is an Eating Psychology Clinic where we combine psychology, neuroscience and nutrition to help people gain freedom from body, food and eating issues.

In this episode we cover: 

  • Why are we not eating in a way that is good for us?

  • Getting in touch with your body and learning hunger cues.

  • Portion Size Guide

  • 6  Common over eating triggers

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