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Pelvic Floor Safe Rehab Class for Mums from 6 Week Postnatal

Babies Welcome

Connect to your body and have FUN with our high intensity and low impact sessions

Lead by:

Holistic Core Restore Coach & a Women's Health Physio

5 Week Blocks Start on Weeks 1 & 6 of Every Term


North Shore Squash Club,

Shea Tce, Takapuna

Every Tuesday 9.30 - 10.30 am

Beach Haven

Residents & Ratepayers Hall

336 Rangatira Road

Beach Haven

Every Tuesday 5.45am - 6.30am

Mum's Exercise Time aka Me Time is a 45 minute small group HIIT class, designed specifically to for mums.  Using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises, you will burn fat, all while learning how to connect to your pelvic floor and core muscles.  

Every session will consist of pelvic floor and core focused work before cranking up the heat with high intensity, low impact training.  We will also give you yummy mobilisation techniques to help release any stuck muscles.


VIP Facebook Group

Here, we will discuss various topics each week with the aim to educate you about your pelvic floor and core. along with answering any questions you may have.

There will also be extra bonus 10 minute body weight workouts for you to get a quick cheeky workout in when the kids are sleeping / occupied.

Who is This Suitable For?

This class is suitable for mums who are 6 weeks + postnatal (12 weeks + for c-section) however we recommend that you make an appointment at www.bumpandbeyondphysio.co.nz for an assessment first.

Mum's who wants a mum's group that isn't all about drinking coffee

It is safe for women with pelvic floor dysfunction, low lying prolapse and a small diastasis.

Mum's who want to workout but can't find a babysitter (babies are welcome)

Prices & Locations

Beach Haven

Residents & Ratepayers Hall

Behind Unichem Pharmacy

336 Rangatira Road

Beach Haven

5.45am - 6.30am


North Shore Squash Club

Shea Terrace,


9.30am - 10.30am

5 Week Block


10 Week Block


What Happens Next?

After you have booked your space, if this is your first time with us, you will receive a full pre screening questionnaire.  We want to know all about your pregnancy and delivery so that we can tailor the class for you.  

If we feel that you will need a deeper assessment before starting, we will be in touch.  


Then, all you have to do is turn up.  All equipment will be provided, with the option of purchasing your own bands for working out at home.

Disclaimer: It is encouraged for all women, symptoms or not to attend for a check-up of their pelvic floor to establish a current level of pelvic floor muscle strength. 

 If you have older children and have never seen a pelvic floor physiotherapist – it’s never too late. Improvement in muscle function (and reducing your chance of prolapse and incontinence) can be achieved at any age! 

As part of the assessment, we can also check your abdominal muscles for any residual separation at this appointment and provide strategies for management.  For further information visit www.bumpandbeyondphysio.co.nz