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5 Things to Quit NOW for a Happier Life

Have you ever noticed those people who just seem happy all the time?

I know! It's sickening right? Surely they must be faking it.

Well, while some of those people are, there are many people who have got this happiness game down to an art.

When you look at this list, you'll realise it's not actually that hard to do.

Have a look below, to see what you can quit to live a happier life.

1. Trying to please everyone

You can't please everyone. You know this. Yet somehow you find yourself saying "yes" to things you don't want to do for fear of upsetting them.

When you try to please everyone else, you're hurting the one closest to you. YOU.

Next time something gets asked of you, take a moment to think. Is it something that you really want to do?

If you don't want to do something. It's OK to say no.

Repeat after me:

"It's OK to say no"


2. Fearing Change

The comfort zone is a nice place, but did you know it's often a prison. It's not locked from the outside. Oh no, it's just that there are so many pillows in there that you can't physically open the door anymore.

Have you ever wanted something that you know will make things better? What if somebody came up to you right now and said, "here it is, take it, but you have to give up the old thing first"? What would you do?

Now of course it depends what it is, but I guarantee that most of you reading this (me included) would freak out a little.

Take this blog for example.

Blogging is an excellent way to build a profile, but I resist doing it because I'm scared that people will read it and make fun of me or tell me I'm no good. So I kept putting it off.

Face the fear and do it anyway. It gets easier. And even if you are no good? You'll get better with practice.


3. Living in the past

No I don't mean time travelling. Although that would be pretty cool!

How often can you be going about your day "do be do be do" and BAM! You remember something you did wrong last March that made you feel really bad. All of a sudden, you're cringing and hating yourself. It's as if that thing is happening right now!

What's with that right?

Well you're body is very good at reacting to emotion. So it doesn't matter when the bad event occurred. You're body is reacting to it as if it's happening now, because you're having the same emotion.

To counteract this. Try letting go of the negative emotions as they crop up. Analyse it. Ask yourself, how it's serving you now. Then, if it's not serving you, let it go.

If, for example, feeling angry at the person who cut in front of you this morning is serving your daily purpose, then by all means hold onto that feeling.

Seethe with all your might!

Just remember. It's not affecting them at all.

I could cover a whole essay on just this topic so I'm going to stop there, but check back for future blogs on the topic of living in the past.


4. Putting yourself down.

Getting angry and hurting other people is one thing. Getting angry and hurting yourself is another.

This is easier said than done, but you are the only person who is going to be with you every day of your life.

The only way to live with yourself happily is to not put yourself down.

What don't you like about yourself. Really think about it I'll wait...








Imagine you're telling those things to your best friend, your mum, or even your pet.

How bad would it make them feel to hear you say that about them?

How bad do you feel when you say those things to them?

My guess is pretty bad right?

So why do it to yourself?

So show yourself some love. It doesn't mean that you can't change things about yourself. It just means to love yourself enough to be nice to yourself.

You're worth it.


5. Overthinking


Just don't.

While all of these points are hard. This one just sums up the whole list.

Be mindful. Pay attention to your thoughts and try to catch yourself in the act of overthinking.

If you're getting worked up. Pause.

Especially if the moment / decision has already passed. What is thinking about it going to do?

If all else fails. My go to is breathing. Or walking.

Check out this final gif below to help you with your breathing technique.

Breathe deep into your lungs, belly and back. Following this visual for 10 breaths.

I hope you have found this article useful. Please share it with your friends and subscribe to my newsletter for updates on courses, blogs and other tidbits.

Until next time...

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