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Mummy Tummy, Or Diastasis Recti?


You're probably reading this because you've had a baby (congratulations) and you want to know how to get rid of your "mummy tummy".

Now our society is pretty fixated on "bouncing back" after pregnancy.

The problem with that not only that it's unrealistic, but it is also damaging to a new mama's self confidence.

As new mama's, you not only have to keep a new tiny human alive, while remembering to feed yourself too, you also have to look hot in a bikini!

celebrity magazine covers

I'm sorry, but f**k that!

During pregnancy, the tummy grows right? You get a bump.

Well your tummy consists of many layers of muscle and tissue that stretch and shift as the baby grows.

After you've given birth, the muscles will still be stretched, and it will take a while for those muscles to tighten again. When the tissue down the midline of your 6 pack muscles stretch, this is called a diastasis recti.

100% of full term pregnancies result in diastasis recti. It is a natural part of the process.

stretched muscles

Most of the time, the muscles and tissues will tighten and reconnect on their own. Other times, they won't.

If you find that you still look 5 months pregnant, you may need to speak to a post natal fitness professional, to see what you can do.