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My coaching program is custom designed to help you with anything listed below plus more:

  • Connect to Your Pelvic Floor

  • Stop or Prevent Incontinence

  • Exercise While Pregnant (preparation for birth)

  • Exercising While Newly Post Natal

  • Exercise After a C-Section

  • Heal a Tummy Gap (Diastasis Recti)

  • Recover After a Hysterectomy

  • Help Support a Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Help to Return You to High Impact / Intensity Training

  • Support Back Pain

  • Work With Your Body During Menopause


About My

Coaching Style

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes were created for Women who are ready to take charge of not only their Pelvic and Core Health but also their total well-being.


Women who are ready to invest in preventative strategies and deep restorative strategies as they go through their life phases knowing that ‘self-care’ is the greatest gift any woman can give to herself.

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes are for women who may or may not have experienced some degree of pelvic dysfunction and want to empower themselves through education and CONSISTENT ACTION so that they don’t become a statistic. 


All the programmes are for women who understand that their nutrition has a key role in their Pelvic Health and are ready to make the changes that support healing and well-being.

You don't need to slog it out in the gym to get results.

It’s quite simply really.   I will give you the tools to work smarter, not harder. 


Through Holistic Core Restore® coaching, you will learn which exercises will work best for wherever you are on your journey, along with what exercises to avoid for now. 

Many of my clients come to me after having a baby,  because they have returned to the wrong kind of exercise. 


Traditional core exercises will not get the results you are after if you want to build a strong core from the inside out.


We will work Holistically, from nose to toes, to make sure that your body has the right foundations to build your goals upon.   

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