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My mission is to support women of all ages so that they can feel intensely alive and fully connected to self.

I cover all aspects of women's health, including:
Pre/Postnatal Exercise, Birth Preparation & Rehabilitation
Peri/Post Menopause Health
Pelvic Health, Prolapse & Hysterectomy Recovery

I coach women, using a holistic approach,  through pelvic health, core strength, exercise, mobility, nutrition & stress management to help you to live a full & active life.

My philosophy is that the body is something to be cherished.  Not punished.  I am here to coach you from a place of compassion, while listening to your story and the feedback that your body is giving us. 

Together, through kindness & communication, we can achieve greatness.

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Bespoke 1:1 Coaching
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Sometimes, group coaching doesn't quite hit the mark with your particular needs. 
This is why I also coach women 1:1 who may need a more bespoke plan, or who are more comfortable working in private. 




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