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Who Are We?

Connect is an online fitness and wellness coaching business for women; who are frustrated with where their body is at, postnatally / post menopause. 

1 in 3 Women have some form of pelvic floor dysfunction, such as incontinence, prolapse or a prolonged diastasis recti. 


Regular personal trainers & gyms often don't know how to train women with these conditions.  This can mean that you are treated the same as every other client, leading to a possible worsening of symptoms.  It can also leave women feeling lost, broken or even fearful of exercise, or movement in general. 


Our 1:1 coaching is designed to work specifically with you in mind.  To help you to move well and live your best life again, no matter what stage of life you're in.


If you would like to improve pelvic floor function, strengthen your core or reduce your prolapse symptoms, please don't hesitate to book a free 15 minute call, or get straight into a 1:1 session by clicking the button below.