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Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I got into the fitness industry at 32 because I was working at a desk job, feeling lethargic and a little bit podgy.

All my life, I've heard the story that our body isn't our own.  That when we hit X age, our body craps out and there is nothing we can do about it.


That didn't sit right with me, so I went out and joined a bootcamp with the goal of running my first 5k. 

As an unfit asthmatic with dodgy knees this was a huge deal, but I knew what sitting on my backside was doing so I thought I'd challenge myself.

Amy Jayne Smith, Running

I'd Cracked The Code!

All I needed to do was eat well and exercise more.  Of course! 

It was so easy!


I thought this bootcamp was a good thing so I started my own, with the aim to teach people the way to health & fitness.  I mean, if I can do it, anyone can...  right?


Well, as my client base grew, I learned another normal thing that just "happens"

Amy Jayne Smith with her old Boot Camp


Most of my clients were women. 


Most of those women had had kids.

A few of those women, would joke about having a weak bladder, incontinence pads, and running to the toilet before skipping.

"Just you wait until you've had kids, then you'll understand" was what I was told.

Like this was just another normal part of life where our body lets us down.

Again that didn't sit well with me, so I set myself another challenge of learning what I could to help.

and incontinent dummy

Holistic Core Restore ®

In 2018 I became a licensed Holistic Core Restore ® Coach.

Through my own health journey and through listening to my clients, I realised that our health goes so much deeper than 1 particular problem.

Our whole body is connected and it's through Holistic Core Restore ®, that I can help women truly connect to their body.  Not only by building a stronger pelvic floor and core, but addressing how the body works together as a whole.

You'll see that, when you look through my coaching courses, there is a Holistic Core Restore ® program for every part of a woman's life.

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Amy Jayne Smith, Holistic Core Restore Coach