Welcome to our Membership Portal. 

The goal of this members portal is to give women simple tools to help them connect to their body in a way that is fun and non punishing.  Health & fitness shouldn't be about deprivation.  Over time, in the group or within this portal, there will be various opportunities to discuss ways that we can connect to ourselves in a way that is nourishing.


Helping you to feel intensely alive, and fully connected to self.

Currently, this membership is 100% self guided access to workouts, nutrition & lifestyle support mini courses, to help you to feel your best at times that suit you.

Amy is on Maternity leave until November 2022

Once she is back, you will also receive live workouts & other videos that will support you along your health & fitness journey.

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The Mini Courses Available Are:

This membership is only $5 a week and the price will never change as long as you're a member.

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