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Enquiry Call

15 Minute Phone Call to Ascertain Your Needs.

Service Description

A lot of women, by the time they get to me, have either been through their doctor, physio, and online offerings before; or they've been told that they're situation is normal and to wear a pad or never lift anything again or basically live a life of restriction. I speak to a lot of women who are often, slightly hopeful by the idea of a new person but apprehensive about putting in the energy again when nothing else has worked. I completely understand your apprehension. All I offer to you is my time. I can listen to your story, I can offer some advice and sometimes, yes, that might mean offering my services. I just want you to know that whatever you say, I've probably heard before, and if I can offer a new perspective or even help you lighten your mental load, I have done my job. I look forward to connecting with you. P.S. Despite it saying online, this is a phone call

  • 15 minutes
  • Online

Cancellation Policy

Booking & Cancellation Policy 1:1 Appointments: I take time to plan your session and therefore require at least 12 hours notice of any bookings/cancellation. Cancellations under 12 hours result in a bill for 50% payment. You will be billed for the full amount if you simply don't turn up. Classes: If you plan on attending an early morning (6/7am) class, please book before 9pm the day before. If nobody books by then, I will turn my alarm off and have a lie in. 9:30am classes can be booked up to 1 hour before. You Must Book Every Class You Attend In Advance If nobody books, I don't turn up. If you can't make a class, please log in and cancel your booking so that a spot becomes available for someone else.

Contact Details

  • New Zealand


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