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Girls Don't Poop? - Who are we kidding?

When we’re aiming for optimal health, a better looking belly and fat loss, poor bowel function will hold us back every time.

Girls don't poop has to be the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. It seems to be something that gets imbedded in our psyche over time.

Boys are smelly, they fart and poop and are generally disgusting. Not girls though. Girls don't poop. Poop is disgusting and if girls DO poop; they definitely don't do it anywhere else but home!

Honestly, how ridiculous!

Yet whenever I'm out an about, and I feel the need to go for a number 2, I get anxious.

"What if it smells?"

"What if it's noisy?"

"What if someone knocks on the door mid poop?"

"Don't use the cubicle next door, now I have to wait for you to finish!!"

"Why does the cleaning lady come around NOW?!"

Reason number 1 for holding onto your poo is that it's going to make you appear fatter than you are. If you're backed up with poo and/or gas, it's going to distend your stomach, making your jeans feel tighter or the old lady on the bus pat your belly and ask when you're due. Neither are a comfortable experience.

Holding Onto Your Poo is Bad For You

Imagine your bowel is like a conveyor belt that only travels one way. As your digested food travels through your small intestines, all of the nutrients and water get absorbed or eaten by microbes. Gradually, all of the goodness is taken out of the food and all that is left is waste. This is then excreted out of your anus as poop.

This conveyor belt is constantly moving. Packing all of the waste together until it eventually gets evacuated.

There Is No "Bladder" For Your Bowel

Your bowel doesn't have a storage system. Unlike your bladder, which fills up and then empties. Your bowel can't store it's waste

Also, while the fresh faeces is a nice texture right now (see the bristol stool chart below), with just enough water to help it to pass, it won't stay that way for long.

As I mentioned earlier, your bowel will absorb all of the nutrients and water from your food. If you hold onto your poop, the bowel is going to keep absorbing any water that is left. Leaving a hard stool that will be much more difficult to pass when the time comes.